Advice For Graduates Struggling To Find A Job

There are a lot of graduates out there right now who aren’t very happy. They were promised that if they went to school, did well, and then went to college, there would be a job waiting for them at the other end. They put in years of work, and sometimes blood, sweat, and tears too, to get the grades they got. And yet, at the end of it, there’s no reward – no financial independence.



Many young people feel angry about this: understandably so. But unfortunately, one has to make the best of a bad situation. So what can graduates do to get a job and get earning?

Consult With Your Contacts

While you were growing up, it’s likely that you came into contact with a lot of people. Great people. People who had their own businesses or were high up in an organisation. Sure, they might not be able to get you your dream job. But a job is a job at the end of the day – and a way out of your parent’s house.

Contact people you used to know and who like and respect you, and find out if there are any opportunities. Usually, there are. But don’t expect to be handed a job on a plate. Approach a job offered by a contact just as you would any other job. Make a formal application and highlight your strengths. This will be appreciated by those at the other end because they will see that you really care about the value you can offer their firm.

Use A Graduate Recruitment Specialist

Many graduates decide that the best approach to finding a job is to spam job websites with CVs and applications. Then, when they don’t get offered a job, they become disheartened and give up.

But more often than not, it’s because they’re on the wrong sites. There are firms, like Rowlands Recruitment, that specialise in graduate recruitment and jobs. And so it’s these types of sites that you want to target. The job market for graduates is entirely different from the job market at large. And when you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Businesses want to attract graduates to certain job roles because of their talent, but also their inexperience. Of course, graduates aren’t going to get jobs as the head of finance in a big company. They need to be slotted into a training role first to get them on the path to career success.

Avoid Drifting

A lot of graduates see their first job as the only job they’ll ever have and the arbiter of their career path. And as a result, they spend a lot of time waiting and waiting for the perfect job to come along. The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as the perfect job. But, more importantly, nothing is stopping them from changing jobs further down the road.

The solution is to take a job now, even if it is second-best. And then wait until you have built up enough experience to make the jump to the area you’re actually interested in.