Digital Marketing: Advice To Get Your Business Ahead Of The Game



With more and more companies turning to the web to give their businesses a boost, digital marketing has never been more popular. It’s a fine demonstration of easy to grasp, hard to master, as there are a number of tricks and tips that apply to businesses of any size.

However, to truly get your business ahead of the game, it’s vital that you master it. Whether you help yourself or enlist a third party, your marketing campaign has to be widely appealing, fresh and engaging.

When marketing, lead with all the good stuff

Absolutely every company on the planet is doing marketing of some kind, so you need to make yours stand out. So, don’t shy away from your company’s achievements! Do you have a tonne of 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor? Have you received glowing Facebook comments from your clientele? Were you mentioned in a popular magazine or website?



I’m sure you’ve all seen those press quotes on the back of DVD boxes, and you can do the same thing. These quotes act as endorsements, make your business seem more credible, and make customers treat you with more respect. If you push this to the front of your marketing strategy, you will be able to get the word out a lot quicker.

Proper digital marketing takes a chunk of time – so outsource

If you’re doing this properly, a lot of your time will be taken up. You have to be posting tweets all day, comments all day and new blog posts regularly. You have to be making your presence SEO-friendly, and implementing ad campaigns and promotions.

If you find this too time consuming after the daily running of your business, then outsourcing your digital marketing would help you out. There are many providers that can help you with this, like CandidSky, and for hectic businesses out there it’s vital to keep marketing a focus.

Litter your blog or website with social media buttons

The best digital marketing strategies involve a wide range of platforms, and social media pages come under that banner. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you should be on them. Each site comes with its own set of users, a whole other audience for you to reach out to.



But setting up accounts on these sites isn’t the end of your work. You should be integrating your social media pages into your website, and buttons are the best way to do that. After every blog post, have a ‘share’ box to your online profiles, so people know where to find you. Some people like to read blogs, where others are die-hard Facebook and Twitter users. Appealing to all these people is the best way for you to grow.

Think about every tweet, post and comment carefully

Everything you send out into the world wide web will be representative of you, your company and your brand. Think about how easy it is for people to screenshot nowadays. If you post something controversial, you won’t get away with it.



You could spend months and months building up a unique brand voice, only to ruin it with an offhand comment. Think about how every post will be received in different cultures, and different parts of the world. Think about how both genders may interpret it, and how different religious groups may react to it. Above all, make sure your online voice reflects the true voice of your company. When marketing, you need to stay honest with people – so do so.

Extend your digital marketing practices to your employees

Similarly, your employees will be the people who are most commonly associated with your company. As such, you’ll want to extend these social media best practices to your workforce. Clever digital marketing is all about broad appeal, and that means every inch of your web presence has to be rock-solid. If you must, have employees write something like this in their profile descriptions:

“Views are my own, and are not representative of [company name].”

This way, you can avoid any awkward online interactions caused by a misinterpreted tweet or comment.


It doesn’t take a degree in marketing to understand what customers want. What it does take though, is a degree in knowing how your business works. You have to identify what your business offers people, and make this the focus of all your marketing materials. Marketing is usually the first impression people have of your company – so make it a good one.

Digital marketing is arguably the easiest method of them all, but the results won’t create themselves. You have to be sharp, creative and to the point, and this is how to stay ahead of the game.