Low Tech Businesses You Can Start Today

You might think that you need a great education and a very good idea to set up a business. But you’d be wrong. The only reason we have that idea in the first place is that business coverage tends to be skewed. We hear about the likes of Apple, Tesla, and Facebook with their teams of genii all the time. But we don’t often hear about the latest in the scaffolding or textiles businesses. Why? Because people aren’t all that excited about them.

But a lack of excitement doesn’t mean that there isn’t money to be made. Just look at how much big supermarkets take in profits. That means that there are opportunities to be had by all. The following is a list of low-tech businesses you can start today.

Lawn Mowing

There are a lot of people out there who would rather pay you to do their lawn than do it themselves. And why wouldn’t they pay? After all, with the right equipment, you’ll be able to charge low prices fit in a lot of clients. All you’ll need is a quality mower and a vehicle to travel around in. Simple.



Bakery Business

Do you have a knack for producing perfect bakes? Well, you’ve got a marketable skill there. What’s more, so long as you jump a couple of regulatory hurdles, you can set up a bake shop in your own kitchen. Then you can start selling to restaurants, tea rooms, and even local markets.



Cleaning Service

Professional office cleaning is big business right now. Thousands of financial, logistic and technical businesses hire outside cleaners. It’s just so much more efficient and practical.

Right now, anybody can start their own cleaning business. All you have to have is a business mindset and a keen eye for opportunities. To begin with, you should be able to undercut the competition to attract new business.



Interior Decorating

For this, you’ll need to spend a bit of money on tools. But decorating tools aren’t all that expensive these days, especially if you look online.

Helping a client decide how they want their rooms decorated can be a lot of fun. And so too can the work itself.



Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is finally taking off, after years in the making. And there is an enormous pool of students out there who want help and are desperate to do well in their exams. If you’ve got a university or college education, and you like the subject you studied, then pass on that knowledge to somebody else.



Tour Guide

Do you live in a tourist hotspot? Or do you live in an area without a tour guide? If so, it’s time for you to branch out and practice your public speaking skills. Gather up interesting knowledge about the area and start showing people around.



Event Planning

Planning an event is tough. There are so many variables to consider. That’s why many people choose to make use of a specialist event planner. If you’ve got a knack for organisation and timing, this could be the business for you.