Tips To Make The Case For Employee Training



We have been through the benefits of staff training recently on this blog. But, for today, we thought we would put the boot on the other foot. While many companies offer employee training opportunities to their workers, not all of them do. But, that’s no reason to stop you from asking them!

The big question is; how are you going to make your case? We’re going to go through all of your options in this brief guide. Read on and we’ll give you the best advice for persuading your boss to give you an opportunity to develop your skills. Let’s take a closer look.

Talk money

As we all know, the bottom line is everything in business. If you can make a high-value case that further training will make your boss more money, it will be hard for them to turn down your request. It’s all about return on investment. If a course that costs a thousand pounds means you can make – or save – your company ten times that over the next year, it makes perfect sense.

Talk strategy

Of course, there has to be strategic value to any course if you want your boss to let you do it. You have to be able to outline exactly how the training will benefit the company. Take a look at your boss’s critical objectives, and try and tally the course to fit in with those needs. Imagine that you work with accounts in a small company. You could point out that a qualification will help your boss keep better finances. You might show them that East London College provide a number of bookkeeping certificate programs, for example. And, if they can see the value to the business, you will have an excellent opportunity for getting what you want.



Be loyal

One of the biggest reasons bosses don’t like offering training opportunities is that they don’t trust their staff to stick around afterward. It’s easy to see why – investing in training can be expensive. And, if your boss doesn’t get the benefit from that training, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. So, the answer is – prove your loyalty. Become a core member of staff that your employer can always rely on during tough times. Work extra hours if you can. And, guarantee your services for a couple of years if they give you the opportunity.

Offer to pay

There is always the chance that your boss will say ‘no,’ of course. If this happens, it will be down to one of two things. The first reason is that you haven’t laid out a strong enough case for your training. It might be worth having another look at some of the pointers we gave you above. The second reason is that your boss may not think about training you as a priority. It can be tough to take – so think about calling their bluff. If they do value you as an employer, they will want you to stick around. And, if you end up offering to pay for the training yourself, they might start to be concerned you will leave. There are no guarantees, of course. But, sometimes you will just have to make things happen – and your boss might come through after all.